Greg Bedard

Greg Bedard is vice president and chief of staff at Prudential Financial. As the new chair of the Rutgers University Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, Bedard RC’97, RBS’03 has a passion for helping alumni stay connected with the university—wherever they are located and whatever their unique interests are. Here’s what he has to say about his own Rutgers journey. 

RUTGERS MAGAZINE: What are some lessons your work has taught you? 

GREG BEDARD: To lead and to collaborate with a diverse group of people. Being able to partner with many different kinds of people at Prudential is really an extension of my student years at Rutgers.

RM: What are some of your first Rutgers experiences?

GB: My very first was missing a high school cross-country meet so I could take an admissions tour. Getting off that bus, I knew that if I should be fortunate enough to be admitted to Rutgers there would be no turning back. 

RM: After Rutgers, you went on to graduate school at Oxford. What was that like? 

GB: My economics and mathematics major at Rutgers prepared me really well for my master’s in economics there. Then, right after I left England, my first full-time job was at Rutgers, with campus information services. I worked there two years prior to going back to business school to get my MBA.    

RM: That was at Rutgers, too. 

GB: Yes, in Newark. It was important to me after receiving my liberal arts education at Rutgers to go back for business education. And that was achievable for me in the 14-month full-time program at Rutgers–Newark.

RM: What are some highlights from that part of your journey? 

GB: It prepared me to make a career pivot. And I also had an undergrad experience that allowed me to maintain longtime, meaningful relationships with my professors and university leaders and other students, and I’ve carried that forward in my professional life. 

RM: What led you to Prudential? 

GB: Having gone to Rutgers Business School in Newark and seeing the Prudential Tower every day in my own back yard, it fit. I had always viewed Prudential as a top employer.

RM: Had you always planned to be active in the alumni community?

GB: At every point after graduation, there has been an opportunity to be engaged on campus in a way that was right for me in my personal and professional life.

RM: As chair, what are your priorities for the RUAA? 

GB: One is to continue the positive path the RUAA is on, related to the recent adoption of our new strategic plan. Another is to continue helping alumni connect with Rutgers in ways that feel most meaningful to them. 

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