A place that celebrates Rutgers history. A place that helps you connect with all things scarlet. A place for you to relax, socialize, and network when you visit Rutgers University–New Brunswick. The Alumni House at Van Nest Hall is all of these. One of the university’s earliest buildings has a brand-new purpose. The Alumni House at Van Nest Hall, which opened in September, will help Rutgers graduates stay connected to their alma mater by being a home away from home.

“Great universities make a priority of addressing the needs of their alumni,” says Rutgers president Robert Barchi, explaining why it was important to create Rutgers University–New Brunswick’s first-ever alumni house. “Rutgers understands that alumni involvement is critical to an institution’s long-term success.”

Women at bookshelf


Two Rutgers alumnae reminisce over a yearbook during a reception at the Alumni House at Van Nest Hall.

Douglas Benedict

Offering public meeting rooms, comfortable furniture, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities for graduates, the alumni house, which is located near Winants Hall on the Old Queens Campus, will host alumni-focused activities and events. Alumni relations staff will be present to answer questions and assist visitors.

Rutgers University–Camden led the way in 2016 when it opened its own Alumni House. In October, the Alumni Center at Rutgers University–Newark opened its doors. The houses and center are open to all alumni, no matter where they earned their degrees.

“With spaces dedicated to alumni at all three university locations, Rutgers enters a new era of engagement with its graduates,” says Donna K. Thornton, vice president for alumni relations, annual giving, and communications. “By creating spaces just for our alumni, we are honoring them and reflecting the gratitude the university has for the role they play in its life.”

Watch a video about the alumni house.