Health Matters

Research and clinical developments in the biomedical and health sciences

Donna Nickitas and Kevin Emmons

Vets Caring for Vets

Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden unveils a program to train veterans to be nurses to serve vets.

Illustration of sad girl during a rainy day

A Growing Concern

How Rutgers addresses the behavioral health needs of young people with new treatments and services.

Robert Walton RC’48, GSNB’53 holding up newspaper

Just Doing His Job

During World War II, alumnus Robert Walton made his contribution by helping to mass-produce penicillin.

Cecile A. Feldman

Avoiding Pain—Avoiding Opioids

Rutgers School of Dental Medicine gets big grant to study drug alternatives for pain management.

A 3-D map image on monitor

Painless Biopsies

A virtual biopsy device can now quickly determine the potential malignancy of skin lesions.

Vanessa LoBue with her two children

The Baby Scientist

As both a child development expert and mom, Vanessa LoBue knows what she's talking about.

The Impossible Burger

Impossibly Good

Rutgers Food Innovation Center helped create the meatless Impossible Burger, now in growing demand.

Frank Edwards

A Matter of Life and Death

Community problems should be seen as public health and social issues, not criminal behavior.

Christopher Vinnard

Treating TB

New test for patients in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of Asia would reveal impact of drugs to combat TB.

Child taking spoonful of medicine

Colds and Young Children

Old-fashioned remedies for kids feeling under the weather that avoid cough medicines.

Saul Bautista, a 2019 Tillman Scholar

Good Health Starts at Home

Empowering people to be stewards of their own health through healthy lifestyle choices.