Health Matters

Research and clinical developments in the biomedical and health sciences

Martin J. Blaser and Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello

Gut Check Time

Why the microbiome—the vast constellation of bodily bacteria—may hold the key to human health.

Grace Eline, a 10-year-old survivor of brain cancer with New Jersey governor Phil Murphy

A Big Seal of Approval

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey gets a big grant and a prestigious redesignation. 

African American testing blood pressure

Hypertension and African Americans

Rutgers study reveals the prevalence of this life-threatening condition—and what can be done.

Coffee beans

Coffee Fix

Caffeine and another coffee compound may combat Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. 

Asian Tick

Tick, Tick, Tick

Rutgers researchers publish the first scientific list of tick species confirmed in New Jersey.

Body chalk outline

CSI: Rutgers

New Jersey Medical School gets the job of leading the Bergen County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Cold drink with DNA twist of lime

Drinking and DNA

Excessive alcohol consumption may alter DNA and lead to stronger cravings.

Illustration of a strong heart flexing its muscle

A Healed Heart

Rutgers scientists engineer heart stem cells, raising the prospect of a self-healing heart.

Steven Silverstein and Cherie Castellano

Out of the Dark

Eye2Eye, a new Rutgers hotline, will provide advice and hope for the legally blind.

Students at national Match Day

Match Madness

Medical students learn of the residency programs where they will receive their medical training.

Illustration of mother with sick child

Health Care in Hard Times

Parents in single-parent homes spend more on children than themselves amid money woes.

Reynold Panettieri

Facilitating Care for Patients

Rutgers gets grant to lead a team that will hasten clinical trials and help introduce new therapies.

Illustration of jumping sheep

Sleepless in New Jersey

Rutgers study reveals that nearly one-third of the state's adults have trouble sleeping.