Health Matters

Research and clinical developments in the biomedical and health sciences

Perry N. Halkitis, dean of the School of Public Health

Health and the City

A new master of public health degree will offer a concentration in urban public health.

Sherrie and Michael Wells pictured with Peter Cole, right.

A Loving Embrace

The Hugs for Brady Foundation, begun to eradicate child cancers, now funds a pediatric oncology lab.

Illustration of a diary and pen

Writing for Success

Writing about a failure can improve your performance next time while reducing stress. 

Young man smartphone selfie

Self-Improvement for a Selfie?

Distortion of nose size common in selfies leads to jump in inquiries about options in plastic surgery.

Two graduate med students


Two romantically involved medical students get residencies near each other, as they wished.

Illustration of man using inhaler

Breathe Deep

A new drug (TSG12) holds promise in opening the airways in asthma sufferers.

Female child in preschool classroom

Head Start to Smarts

The interplay of genetic and environmental factors in promoting a higher IQ in children.

Liping Zhao professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Gut Reaction

Diet of whole grains, Chinese medicinal foods, and prebiotics can help people with type 2 diabetes.

Digital cadaver image of skull

A High-Tech Anatomy Lesson

New virtual dissection table displays the life-size, three-dimensional image of a cadaver.

Suzanne Garber

Any Hospital in the Storm

Alumna creates a company to build database of international hospitals for travelers in need.

Shiny tooth graphic

The Root of the Problem

Dental pulp, regenerated through stem cells, could minimize need for root canal procedures.

Walter Zahorodny NCAS’78, an associate professor of pediatrics

Early Intervention

A new questionnaire could help detect autism in toddlers at a crucial age to intervene.