After witnessing the devastation of the opioid epidemic in recent years on Camden families, Serena Natal knew she had to take action. Working in the field of mental health for close to 20 years, Natal SNC’17 had noted that the number of clients with an alcohol-use disorder had remained steady, but she saw the abuse of other substances begin to climb, first with crack cocaine and then, swiftly, with opioids. After enrolling in the School of Nursing–Camden to pursue a doctorate in nursing practice, Natal researched and created an educational intervention tool for implementing opioid overdose-management training in treatment facilities. Her guide is now used by staff at halfway houses, residential treatment facilities, and outpatient treatment facilities serving Camden County. The manual provides instruction about opioid overdose management and how to use the information in treating clients with an opioid-use disorder. For health care professionals, Natal says, knowing how to administer Narcan, the medication that reverses the effects of opioids, to prevent an overdose is as important as knowing CPR. “Every week,” says Natal, who today is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, “I’ve encountered someone who was affected by an opioid overdose—someway or somehow.”