Spring 2018 Stories

Crockett Brothers, a 2015 oil on canvas by Jordan Casteel

Visible Men

With her humanizing treatment of her subjects, Jordan Casteel is a rising star in the art world.

Learning to Live Together

“Fighting Hate While Preserving Freedom” addresses remedies for hateful speech in open societies.



How women scholars at Rutgers lend their expertise to advancing the women's movement.

Alicia Wargo MGSA’00
On the Banks 

To Her With Love

Alumna Alicia Wargo and her role in turning around a troubled high school in the Bronx.

The Healing Touch

New initiative at RutgersNewark is addressing racism to effect lasting change.

The Gatekeeper

Alumnus Peter Cammarano is the chief of staff for New Jersey governor Phil Murphy.

The Organization Man

Professor Brent Ruben receives the Baldrige Foundation Leadership Excellence Award.

Speakers in the House

Well-known personalities add star power to Commencement 2018 at Rutgers.


With the help of 6,545 donors, Rutgers Giving Day has another successful year.

State Secrets

Rutgers–Camden scholar to investigate national security and government secrecy. 

Good for the Garden State

Rutgers Delivers, a new marketing campaign, underscores the university's big role in New Jersey.

Scholars Extraordinaire

Rutgers–New Brunswick celebrates Goldwater Scholars and Fulbright recipients. 

Scientifically Proven

Alumnus Sandy Stewart makes a $2.5 million bequest intention to benefit Rutgers–Camden students.

Collection of vintage tennis rackets
Scarlet Sports 

A Case of Racketeering

A former ranking amateur tennis player relives his glory days through his tennis racket collection.

Marathon Man (and Daughter)

Alumnus Alex Dobrowolski and daughter Holly have run marathons on every continent.

Hometown Hero

Former Rutgers baseball star Todd Frazier makes his new home with the New York Mets.

True Athletic Success

Rutgers gets gift to create the Gary and Barbara Rodkin Center for Academic Success.

Pom and Circumstance

The Rutgers University Dance Team wins a gold medal in an international cheerleading competition.

Calling It a Game

Alumnus Chris Hill retires after 31 years as the athletics director at the University of Utah.

What a Drive

Class of 1957 makes a donation to provide a van for the golf teams at RutgersNew Brunswick.

Bragging Rights

Results of head-to-head competition between the teams of Rutgers–Camden and Rutgers–Newark.


Leslie Anne Miller at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Arts 

Art Appreciation

Alumna Leslie Anne Miller chairs the board at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Summer Sights

Noteworthy exhibitions at the Zimmerli Art Museum at RutgersNew Brunswick.

When Life and Art Converge

Kimi Takesue, an arts professor at RutgersNewark, wins film award for 95 and 6 to Go.

Dutch Treat

The William the Silent statue at RutgersNew Brunswick gets a makeover.

Eyes Wide Shut

New documentary visits the history of film censorship by the Maryland State Board of Censors.

Chaos Theory

Alumna Alice Aycock receives a lifetime achievement award for her sculpture. 

Graphic Treatment

Two recent Rutgers–Camden graduates are singled out for their graphic design skills.

Perry N. Halkitis, dean of the School of Public Health
Health Matters 

Health and the City

A new master of public health degree will offer a concentration in urban public health.

Writing for Success

Writing about a failure can improve your performance next time while reducing stress. 


Two romantically involved medical students get residencies near each other, as they wished.

Head Start to Smarts

The interplay of genetic and environmental factors in promoting a higher IQ in children.

A High-Tech Anatomy Lesson

New virtual dissection table displays the life-size, three-dimensional image of a cadaver.

The Root of the Problem

Dental pulp, regenerated through stem cells, could minimize need for root canal procedures.

A Loving Embrace

The Hugs for Brady Foundation, begun to eradicate child cancers, now funds a pediatric oncology lab.

Self-Improvement for a Selfie?

Distortion of nose size common in selfies leads to jump in inquiries about options in plastic surgery.

Breathe Deep

A new drug (TSG12) holds promise in opening the airways in asthma sufferers.

Gut Reaction

Diet of whole grains, Chinese medicinal foods, and prebiotics can help people with type 2 diabetes.

Any Hospital in the Storm

Alumna creates a company to build database of international hospitals for travelers in need.

Early Intervention

A new questionnaire could help detect autism in toddlers at a crucial age to intervene.

High School students marching against guns in Washington D.C.

A Call to Action

Today’s youth, given causes to believe in and the means to contribute, can be civic-minded, indeed.

Nancy Lee
Alumni Notes 

Baked-In Success

How two alumnae found their calling and use it to spread scarlet spirit.

Leadership in Action

Colonel Jack Jacobs, a decorated combat veteran, shares insights on global security with alumni.

Murder on the Plantation

In a historical trilogy, Andrew Fede examines slavery laws in the colonial and antebellum South.

When I'm Sixty-Four

Alumnus Daniel Solomon is one of the oldest people to earn a doctorate in math.

Alumni News and Events

Find out what's going on with the Rutgers University Alumni Association.

Strength Through Diversity

The chartered organizations of RUAA allow students and alumni to share their experiences.

Getting Away for the Knights

Alumni Al and Jacquie LaValle attend every home game and, since 2014, every away game. 

Preventing HIV—for All in Need

Since her days at Rutgers, Charlene Flash has been a pioneer in HIV prevention.

Family Values

To help his company retain women engineers, Shiloh Butterworth institutes generous family leave.


Rutgers Delivers

Message From the President: The many ways that the university promotes the state’s prosperity. 

A More Just Society

Letter From the Editor: How Rutgers aims to promote justice in America.

Supporting a Dream

The State We're In: Rutgers' early and vocal support for Dreamers legislation.