Cover of the 250th Anniverary Issue of Rutgers Magazine

What a fantastic job you did with the 250th anniversary issue of Rutgers Magazine—and what a walk down memory lane. I read it cover to cover. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was at Cook College and the Graduate School–New Brunswick. My last visit to Rutgers University–New Brunswick four years ago was bittersweet: so much has changed but I still caught a glimpse of the way it used to be. Thanks for a super burst of positive energy.

Joanne Kucks CC’76, GSNB’80

You have outdone yourselves: best issue I’ve ever seen! I think I know two people appearing in the photo spread introducing the section entitled “Social Calendar” (pages 44-45). The couple, second from the right, appears to be me and the woman whom I married and who, after our long marriage together, recently passed away. After Rutgers, I went on to become a colonel in the U.S. Air Force.

Philip Burger RC’58

I wanted to congratulate you on the fine 250th anniversary issue: very interesting throughout. I especially enjoyed the historical information, and Matthew Panconi’s forward-looking musings at the end. Thank you!

Kathy M. Hooke NLAW ‘81

The special commemorative issue of Rutgers Magazine is a beautiful document setting forth an impressive description of Rutgers throughout its 250-year history. Congratulations to you and your team.

Kenneth G. Myers RC’59

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest edition, “Celebrating 250 Years.” Well done! As a former marching band member, I noted a missing fact. The “Marching 100” participated in the 1969 New Year’s Day Rose Bowl Parade.

Raymond A. Setzer Jr. RC’70

I read with interest your special commemorative issue, “Celebrating 250 Years.” I noticed that Senator Ted Kennedy is missing from the “Rutgers List: Guest Appearances” feature, about sitting and former presidents, first ladies, and presidential hopefuls who spoke at Rutgers. Kennedy spoke at Rutgers University–Newark’s 1980 commencement and went on to win New Jersey’s Democratic primary in June.

Kevin Cavanagh NCAS’80

I enjoyed reading the “Celebrating 250 Years” issue. Nicely done! In particular, the Conversations With Our Past were terrific. The “Rutgers List: Guest Appearances” omitted Hillary Clinton’s 1992 visit to campaign for Bill Clinton [although it included her 2007 appearance]. I attended her speech on Voorhees Mall at Rutgers University–New Brunswick as a first-year student.

Jodi Boyle DC’96

Kudos on your 250th anniversary issue. You didn’t list Jimmy Carter, who visited Rutgers–New Brunswick in 1980. Go, Scarlet Knights!

Kevin Vitting RMS’82

I was shocked when I opened the new edition, and there I am speaking at a 1978 anti-apartheid and pro-divestiture rally at Douglass College (“The Winds of Change,” pages 32-33). It was nice to see I looked young once! I applaud the university’s emphasis on student activism, and how Rutgers students still work to change the world. My husband and I created an archive at the Special Collections and University Archives at Alexander Library at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, contributing material from the student-activist movements at Rutgers. In our current political climate, student activism is needed more than ever. Best wishes for the next 250 years of Rutgers history.

Sue Kozel LC’81, GSNB’85

I read with a great deal of interest the 250th anniversary issue. It was a great deal of work. Thank you. There was no mention of the impressive history of the Rutgers Glee Club and its long-term director, F. Austin Walter RC’32, who was inspiring and devoted. My four years singing under his direction is the fondest memory I have of Rutgers.

Michael E. Elling RC’54