Illustration of scales of Justice

Two Rutgers schools—the School of Law–Newark and the School of Law–Camden—are preparing to merge to become Rutgers Law School, positioning it to be a leader in the Northeast and among the nation’s top public law schools. The school will retain locations at Rutgers University–Newark and Rutgers University–Camden and begin using a single application in the fall for the 2016 entering class. The merger is contingent on the approval of the American Bar Association.

Rutgers Law School will have a faculty of 100 scholars, providing instruction in the two law schools’ proven strengths: criminal law, intellectual property law, corporate and business law, health law, and public interest law—all facilitated by the latest technology. With more than 1,000 students from around the United States, Rutgers Law School also will be one of the nation’s largest law schools yet retain a student-faculty ratio similar to leading public law schools.

The host cities for Rutgers Law School will continue to be important in providing the variety of clinical, pro bono, and experiential-learning opportunities that already bring the law schools in Newark and Camden national recognition. The merger will allow students to consider a greater diversity in careers and will significantly expand the alumni network.