Peter Cammarano LC’87 in his office


Nick Romanenko

These days, the political life may be in some disrepute among many in the electorate. But alumnus Peter Cammarano, the new chief of staff for New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, sees public life as a great chance to help people. It’s the lesson that Cammarano LC’87 took with him after majoring in political science at Rutgers and has applied in his varied career in politics—as Trenton lobbyist, legislative and executive aide, and mayor of and councilman in his hometown of Metuchen, New Jersey. “Every day presents a new opportunity to help individuals and families across our great state,” he says. “It’s what you do when that opportunity presents itself that matters.” Having served as chief of staff for New Jersey governor Richard Codey, from 2004–2006, Cammarano understands full well that he is the lead executive in directing the implementation of policies that the governor believes will define his legacy. Each day may be different, but his goal remains the same: find unique solutions to unique problems by relying on his deep understanding of New Jersey state government and a mastery of the issues. “With Governor Murphy, we are building from the ground up. I am excited to see the transformation we’ll make in the state.”