Scarlet Burger


courtesy Rutgers Dining Services

It’s no secret that the food served to Rutgers students has never been better for their health, and now that evidently includes the guilty pleasure of a hamburger. Rutgers recently vied for being the college that serves the healthiest hamburger when Rutgers Dining Services competed in the first Blended Burger Project, Campus Edition, staged by the James Beard Foundation, one of the nation’s preeminent culinary associations. Rutgers, up against 14 large universities, finished third with its presentation of the Sizzling Scarlet Knight burger, 50 percent white button mushrooms and 50 percent beef. The top two schools—North Carolina State University and the University of  Massachusetts–Amherst—will send their chefs to make their signature burgers at an April event at the James Beard House in New York City. — Andrea Alexander