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Donald Holder at the Marquis Theatre

Let There Be Lights

Lighting designer Donald Holder discusses his role with the hit musical comedy Tootsie. 

Hairstylist Michael De’Von, center, at Rutgers University–Newark, Express Newark

With Passion and Purpose

Artistic Passion and Purpose is the newest addition to Express Newark, a hotbed of creativity.

Mural located at the Camden Waterfront

From Eye Sore to Art

Bloomberg Philanthropies gives Camden $1 million for a public art project. 

Painting of Paul Robeson singing

Portraits of Paul Robeson

The Zimmerli Art Museum features six artists and their interpretations of alumnus Paul Robeson.

Aerial photo of woman swimming in Greece

A Bird’s-Eye View

The stunning aerial photography of alumnus Dinesh Boaz, who leans from helicopters for the shot.

New Books

Women and slavery ... How dorms shape students ... The good life for men over 50 ... Women and WW II spycraft.