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Count Basie 1938 at piano

Count Basie Comes Home

The archives of Count Basie are entrusted to Rutgers–Newark's Institute of Jazz Studies. ​

Emily Evrard at Christie’s auction house

Mastering the Old Masters

Alumna Emily Evrard lands a dream job at Christie's, the revered auction house.​

Red Acrobat by George Segal

The Apex of Art

The Zimmerli Art Museum gets a gift of 17 works of art by the late alumnus George Segal.​

Illustration depicting Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Calming the nerves of prospective art students auditioning for acceptance at Rutgers–Camden.

John Keene, chair of the Department  of African-American and African Studies and professor of English and African–American Studies at Rutgers University–Newark

Giving Voice to the Voiceless

John Keene, a faculty member at Rutgers–Newark, is awarded a 2018 MacArthur Fellowship. 

Illustration of abstract art

Collectors’ Agency

The Zimmerli invites alumni to submit their art collection for consideration for an upcoming show.