Devil Whirls, 2017, powder-coated aluminum sculpture


Devil Whirls, 2017, powder-coated aluminum sculpture, 19' x 23' x 19', part of the Turbulence Series, an exhibition that took place in November at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City.

courtesy Alice Aycock

In recognition of her illustrious art career, which has spanned more than five decades, alumna Alice Aycock received the International Sculpture Center’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award. A world-renowned sculptor and installation artist, Aycock DC’68 (a 1993 inductee into the Rutgers Hall of Distinguished Alumni) studied under the minimalist visionary Robert Morris in New York City; more recently, she has been creating enormous aluminum works—soaring twisters of energy that seemingly defy gravity, many of them installed in tranquil public settings. “I have to experience the world the way I experience it,” she told Richard Goldstein, a writer for BOMB magazine. “For me, it’s just a chaos of half truths and half fictions tumbling  at me.”