The current exhibition of 60 black-and-white photographs by Terrence A. Reese at the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University–New Brunswick is an invitation to observe well-known African Americans in private settings—in their homes or offices or studios. At first glance, though, you may wonder where everybody is. A closer look reveals the images of B.B. King (pictured above), Lois Mailou Jones, and other African-American pioneers caught in a mirror, a reflected surface, even in an existing photograph on a tabletop or bookshelf. The densely layered compositions by Reese, a.k.a. TAR, amount to still lifes of the individual’s personal effects, as revealing as the countenance of the photographer’s subjects. Reflections: Photographs of Iconic African Americans by Terrence A. Reese (TAR) runs through July 30.

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